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Mission of the ATEC School Community Council

Act as an advisory council and communicate between ATEC and our community to dialogue issues of concern, be an advocate for the school and our students. To focus on increasing student achievement through the ATEC’s School Improvement and LAND Trust Plans.

The ATEC SCC meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 11:00 AM in the conference room unless otherwise indicated on the meeting schedule below. Anyone is welcome to attend.

We invite anyone who would like to serve on the SCC to contact the principal for information (801-610-8186) and/or attend the SCC meetings.

ATEC’s School Community Council (SCC) is made up of parent representatives, administration, Alpine School Board, and staff. We meet monthly and discuss issues concerning the students at ATEC. We are involved in the following areas:

  • School Improvement Plan: as a team, we help come up with this plan.
  • LAND Trust Money: we help plan how LAND Trust Money is used at ATEC each year.
  • Other issues that pertain to ATEC.

School Community Council Members

Ethan Sewell                          Chairperson (Term ends Sep. 2024)
Lisa Preece                             Vice-Chair (Term ends Sep. 2025)
Nikki Garrick                         Parent Rep. (Term ends Sep. 2025)
Kari Teague                            Parent Rep. (Term ends Sep. 2025)
Amy Knight.                           Parent Rep. (Term ends Sep. 2025)

Amy Wilson                   Parent Rep. (Term ends Sep. 2023)
John Hughes                 Admin/Principal                                      801-610-8186
Rachel Ferguson          Faculty Rep (Term ends Sep. 2023)     801-610-8186
Megan Black                 District CC                                                801-610-8400
Ada Wilson.                   ASD Board Member                               801-610-8400

SCC Meeting Schedule, Minutes & Agenda