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Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl, Steamed Vegetables, Water.


Malibu Chicken Sandwich, Fries, Baby Carrots, Milk.


2 slices Pepperoni OR Cheese Pizza, Salad w/Ranch, Root Beer OR Sprite.


Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Fruit Cup, Milk.

Page: Compass Café

Compass Cafe is a great opportunity for ATEC students to gain experience in working in a commercial kitchen

Under the direction of staff, the students prepare and serve meals that are offered to the school and to district employees. We serve a rotation of 12 balanced meals. Students begin the semester by working to get a State Food Handler’s permit. They then work for a semester on a Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday schedule. The skills learned in prep work, cooking, serving and cleanup will help students with these skills at home and at future job opportunities. Money made from Compass Café helps support work and community training opportunities for students at ATEC.