Administration & Support Staff

John Hughes


801-610-8186 x 750

I help provide a safe and effective learning environment for our students to become successful members of society.

Stacie Bunton

Administrative Secretary

801-610-8186 x 755

I assist the Director with administrative duties and manage the office to ensure ATEC runs smoothly.

Debbie Johansson

Parent Liaison – Transition Specialist


I facilitate connecting students and their families with transition services available in the community.

Dave Dajany

Facility Maintenance

801-610-8186 x 761

I make sure students have a safe and clean school.



Stacie Caffee

Teacher – Independent Living

801-610-8186 x 103

I help students learn important skills needed for them to be as independent as possible in the community and in life.

Lizzy Coleman

Teacher – Outreach

801-610-8186 x 106

I am the transition teacher for the Outreach class. I work to increase student independence in the community.

Adam Hammond

Teacher – Access

801-610-8186 x 200

I work with students in the Access class, helping them to learn self-advocacy skills and become more independent in the community and their jobs.

Jake Hunsaker

Teacher – Access

801-610-8186 x 111

I am an Access teacher. I help transition students gain skills to help them succeed in life.

Simon Östhed

Teacher – Independent Living

801-610-8186 x 108

I work with students to increase their ability to live independently and explore their community.


Related Service Providers

Starla Blackburn

Speech Language Pathologist

801-610-8186 x 101

I collaborate with teachers and we work with students on functional communication and socially appropriate conversations.

Janine Blaisdell

School Psychologist

801-610-8186 x 101

I provide teacher and student support. I also review previous testing information and complete new testing as needed.

Gretchen Wuerch

Adaptive Physical Educator

801-610-8186 x 101

I provide adaptive physical education services and consult with teachers on transition and community related activities.

Jodi Phillips

Physical Therapist

801-610-8186 x 101

I consult with parents and teachers to assist students in gross motor and range of motion activities.

Robert O’Brien

Occupational Therapist

801-610-8186 x 101

I consult with teachers and assist with fine motor activities.